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Energy Cost Savings, Maintenance Savings & Higher Operating Efficiency

In the United States today, lighting consumes on average 30% of all electricity used in commercial buildings. This high percentage allows room for large energy savings when converting to high efficiency LED light fixtures and lamps.

National Energy Professionals provides a complete turn-key process to our customers from the initial energy audit to the completion of the implementation of the new energy efficient light fixtures. In most cases customers can realize energy savings up to 50% or more. In most cases this can translate into hundreds of dollars a month and sometimes thousands of dollars a month in electricity savings. The use of long life cycle LEDs also eliminates the need for routine maintenance such as re-lamping and replacing ballasts for existing HID and fluorescent fixtures. The energy efficiency and maintenance cost savings to our customers along with rebate and incentive programs offered by electric utilities and State energy agencies allows for a quick return on investment.

Our energy professionals perform lighting efficiency assessments at our customer’s location and prepare the documents for rebates and incentives for our customers. Our goal is to maximize savings for our customers and implement the highest quality, longest life cycle, LED light fixtures available in the market today.

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