Incentives & Rebates

Free of charge

There are currently a variety of incentives / rebates available for energy efficiency measures for new construction and existing facilities. National Energy Professionals partners with electric utility energy efficiency programs and State energy authority efficiency programs that offer financial rebates and incentives to businesses and government facilities for implementing energy efficient lighting technologies. National will navigate through the required paperwork for our customers to ensure the proper engineering information and project information is included in order to facilitate a quick turn-around time for project incentives.

Typically the electric utility or State energy authority offering the rebates and incentives will request a pre-inspection of the existing lighting at the customer’s facility. After approval by the project manager, the project paperwork with final incentive amount will be generated for customer approval and signature. Once the paperwork is completed, National will start implementing the new lighting fixtures into the customer’s facility until completion. After the lighting upgrades are completed a final inspection will be scheduled to ensure all new lighting measures have been implemented as planned.

Program incentives can vary, but typical incentives may cover up to 50% of total project costs, and some programs will cover up to 70% of project costs. Some programs will cover a per fixture set rebate, which is typically called a prescriptive rebate. All of these incentives / rebates can greatly reduce the out of pocket cost to our customers and allow our customers to realize a fast return on investment.

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