Lighting Controls


National Energy Professionals will evaluate your facility lighting and recommend any lighting controls technology which can even further reduce energy use beyond using new energy efficient LED lighting. These lighting controls include technology that is designed for both exterior or interior lighting.

Interior lighting controls typically use occupancy sensors that can turn lights ON from a an OFF setting for a set amount of time when there is motion detected in that area or can dim lights until motion is detected and then turn the light ON for a set duration of time. Sensors with integrated daylight harvesting features can also dim or turn OFF interior lights based on outside sunlight coming into to an office or interior area of a building.

Exterior lighting controls are set to dim a fixture to a percentage of full brightness until motion is detected in that area, then the light turns ON to full brightness for a set duration of time.

Both interior and exterior lighting controls can be programmed in the field or pre-programmed at the factory based on the agreed upon setting from our customer. Settings can be adjusted as needed based on any future changes to facility requirements. National Energy Professionals offers the best sensor solutions for your application. We are on top of all new technology often times before it becomes available on the open market.



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